Zombie, Dead, & Dying SEM Tactics: A Halloween Special

Happy Halloween everyone! Traditionally Halloween was a time to remember the dearly departed, so in the spirit of All Hallows’ Eve we take this post to honor past SEO and SEM tactics. Join us on a trip down memory lane through the graveyard of search engine marketing techniques of yore.

Dead SEM Tactics

  • Meta Keywords
    • Ah meta keywords. Once stuffing you with a vast number of keyword variables was a mighty SEO tactic. Now, although long since useful, you still linger giving false hope to SEO newbies.
  • Google Places
    • The world of localization has been rapidly changing, leaving a slew of dead tools and tactics in the wake. Most recently Google+ Local killed and replaced Google Places. This was (and in some cases still is) a confusing take-over. For more clarification about just what happened to the beloved Google Places, check out Josef’s localization articles.
  • PageRank
    • Once, long ago, PageRank was an acceptable and measurable SEO goal. However Google killed this goal with increasingly personalized search results. We’ll miss you PageRank.
  • Link Farms
    • Hello link farms. In the Wild West days of SEO you were the perfect solution to getting more “link juice” to help pages move up in ranks. Although never a sound SEO tactic, after Panda and Penguin Google updates you officially died. Well, not died per se – we all know you lurk in the outer reaches of the Internet waiting to lure out of touch SEO tacticians.
  • Wonder Wheel
    • Wonder Wheel! When still alive you were one of Google’s SEO tools, helping us identify additional related keywords for ad groups in Google AdWords. Although only alive from 2009-2011 you continue to haunt us on Google AdWords Exams. What unfinished business could you possibly have?!
  • Custom Targeting
    • Once an option in Google AdWords for targeting ads, you have since been survived by radius targeting, zip code targeting, and metro targeting.
  • Google+
    • Okay. So Google+ isn’t officially dead (yet). Consider this an anticipatory addition.

The graveyard of SEM tactics is rife with old techniques that no longer work, tools that have since been replaced, and networks that nobody uses. We remember you fondly. Rest in peace.




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