Why the BrightEdge Share14 Conference Could Jumpstart Your Business

The BrightEdge content and search marketing platform is an important part of our agency’s SEO toolkit, and in just two weeks, I will have the privilege of speaking at the BrightEdge Share14 conference in San Francisco.

Attendees at Share14 will have an opportunity to get certified on the BrightEdge tool and to learn about the latest trends and tactics for success in content and search from some of the world’s biggest brands. To say I will be in stellar company is the understatement of the year! My fellow panelists include Melissa Walner, Director of Global SEO and Social Media for Hilton Hotels, and AJ Kohn, SEO Consultant and Blogger (Blind Five Year Old), and we will talk about “The Changing SERP –Staying on Top of the Competition.” Join us on Wednesday, August 21, at 1:40pm and learn about how we help our clients compete in organic search, and say hello, since Nina Hale, Inc., is a Share14 sponsor.

I will be focusing on the foundational, ongoing work that can give organizations an edge in search results – keeping an eye on trends in your market and using social to reach new customers, paying attention to what matters to Google, and staying on top of the ever-changing ways that people are able to search.

Our Clients and Search Success

As I was creating my presentation for the conference, it occurred to me that the success stories I am able to share are consistently the result of a trusting partnership between our agency and each client. For a new strategy to succeed, the client must be on board 100% – willing and able to rally their internal teams to make changes to code, adhere to a prescribed content calendar, and use the keywords we have recommended in their content; the list goes on and on. I will be sharing lots of impressive stats at the conference, none of which would be possible without the hard work that happens on the client’s side.

The layout and makeup of the search engine results page (SERP) is indeed changing, and staying on top of the competition in search results requires consistent attention to detail. Being able to work as a team on your SEO initiatives – whether an agency/client relationship or as an internal team – are key to success.






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