This Week in Search: 9.12.2014

 New & Noteworthy

  1. Maximizing Your Social Impact
  2. Twitter Tests ‘Buy’ Button
  3. Google: Responsive Design is Not an Explicit Ranking Factor
  4. Pinterest Gets a News Feed
  5. Apple’s Announcements: NHI Weighs in

Maximizing Your Social Impact

When consumers are exposed to so much content every day, how can you maximize engagement with your brand’s social posts? Check out our agency blog for the latest on Twitter efficiency, social best practices, and the importance of proper measurement.

  • WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU? Higher numbers of posts are generally associated with higher engagement levels, however when resources are limited, proper analysis of your social data is critical when determining how often to post.

Twitter Tests ‘Buy’ Button

Announced today, Twitter will be testing the addition of a ‘buy’ button directly in a Tweet, thus allowing users to buy directly from Twitter. For more on this test, check out the Twitter blog.

  • WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU? Twitter is testing the connection between eCommerce, social media, and mobile, and its findings could have a great impact on your future eCommerce strategy.

Google: Responsive Web Design is Not an Explicit Ranking Factor

This week, Google engineer John Mueller reiterated that responsive sites do not receive a ranking boost simply for being responsive. For more from Google on responsive web design, check out SEO Round Table

  • WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU? Responsive sites have much fewer technical issues which encompass various other ranking factors, but simply having a responsive site will not give you a noticeable advantage over a competitor with an m dot mobile site.

Pinterest Gets a News Feed

Pinterest is finally rolling out ‘News’, or its version of a news feed, making it possible for users to get a quick snapshot of updates from boards and Pinners they follow. Read more on Pinterest’s new updates from the Pinterest blog

  • WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU? When your business adds a new Pin or creates a new board, all your followers will be alerted via their News.

Apple’s Announcement: NHI Weighs in

This was a big week for Apple, and we’ve been keeping a close eye on everything that’s gone down. Here are our key takeaways on the latest updates:

  1. Between Apple Pay, Apple Touch ID, and the Apple Watch, the future is full of new and interesting ways to engage consumers.
  2. Apple’s migration to larger screens should be another reminder for everyone that mobile engagement and targeting is mega important, and all brands need to be investing in this future.
  3. Apple Watch will bring some big changes to geo-targeting and semantic search.
  4. Apple’s live streaming platform was spotty at best, but the activity on Twitter was off the charts. Our favorite visualization of the Twittersphere can be found here:



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