This Week in Search: 7.11.2014

New & Noteworthy

  1. Google Analytics Launches Diagnostics
  2. Errors in Mobile Configuration Trigger Decline in Traffic and Rankings
  3. Facebook Updates Sidebar Ads
  4. Consumer Place Trust in Online Reviews

Google Analytics Launches Diagnostics

Over the past few weeks, Google Analytics has been rolling out Diagnostics, its newest feature that regularly scans your GA account to help marketers easily identify implementation problems and other issues. For more about GA Diagnostics, check out the Google Analytics blog:

  • WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU? Diagnostics will help marketers recognize opportunities to improve data quality, and in turn maximize marketing investment, by automatically illuminating inconsistencies in site tagging, account configuration, and reporting.

Errors in Mobile Configuration Trigger Decline in Traffic and Rankings

A recent BrightEdge report found that one in four mobile websites is misconfigured, and that as a result Google is unable to match 27% of mobile sites to their desktop counterpart. Read more about BrightEdge’s mobile configuration study from Search Engine Land:

  • WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU? Having a cohesive multi-device experience is critical for digital success, so investing in and maintaining a properly configured, responsive site should become a priority on your to do list.

Facebook Updates Sidebar Ads

In April Facebook announced its intent to make the images in its sidebar ads larger, and the roll out officially began in late June. Ads that meet the new format requirements will automatically be updated, while ads that do not will continue rendering in the old format. For more information on Facebook Advertising updates (including a roll out timeline), check out Inside Facebook:

  • WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU? As of June 24, ads that render in the larger format will draw increases in CPMs, and this trend will continue to rise as more and more advertisers join in.

Consumers Place Trust in Online Reviews

In the newest Local Consumer Review Survey, it was revealed that 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation, and that 85% of consumers read up to 10 reviews before feeling satisfied with a local business. Read more about the increasing importance of online reviews from Search Engine Land:

  • WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU? The importance of online reviews cannot be understated, and survey findings highlight the need for local businesses to have numerous (10+), positive, recent reviews on their website. 



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