This Week in Search: 5.23.2014

New & Noteworthy:

  1. Marketing Analytics Cheat Sheet
  2. The Beginnings of Panda 4.0
  3. Coming Soon: Content Marketing Stacks
  4. How to Win with Programmatic Targeting
  5. Local Search is Virtually Universal on Smartphones

Marketing Analytics Cheat Sheet

When companies effectively use their marketing data, they can accurately target the right audience and accordingly generate more revenue per ad dollar spent. However, because successfully wading through today’s Big Data world to locate the numbers that actually matter is challenging, Forbes published a marketing analytics roadmap to help you identify what’s important, what’s missing, and how to move forward.

Read more about interpreting your marketing analytics data from Forbes:

The Beginnings of Panda 4.0

This week, Matt Cutts announced the release of Google’s latest algorithmic update, Panda 4.0. At its core, the Panda algorithm as a whole prevents websites with low quality content from appearing in Google’s top search results, and the 4.0 version has updated how Google identifies and classifies websites.

Read more about the launch of Panda 4.0 from Search Engine Land:

Coming Soon: Content Marketing Stacks

As paid, owned, and earned media are increasingly blending together, the need to have a unified content strategy is more important than ever. For markers, this task will soon become much easier with the introduction of content stacks, a consolidation of a variety of content marketing tools that will make it possible to address all aspects of content marketing with a single tool.

Read more about the benefits of content marketing stacks from Marketing Land:

How to Win with Programmatic Targeting

Programmatic targeting helps brands connect 1:1 with their target audiences through improved cross-screen messaging and richer ad formats, however with so many options it can be daunting to add to your media mix. To help marketers succeed with programmatic targeting, a new Think with Google infographic sheds light into four key strategies brands should begin incorporating into their digital efforts.

Read more about Google’s four key programmatic targeting strategies from Think with Google:

Local Search virtually universal on Smartphones

Four of five respondents to a recent Google local search study noted that they used a smartphone to find local information at least once per week. What exactly were they searching for? Business hours, directions to a local store, and local store addresses.

Read more about smartphone local search from eMarketer:




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