This Week in Search: 4.17.15

What’s the next must-have app for your brand? Why is paid social skyrocketing? The answers to these questions and more in this week’s newsletter. 

New & Noteworthy:

  1. Social Ad Spending Skyrockets
  2. Message to Marketers: Mobile Chat is the Next Killer App
  3. The Small Screen
  4. Women are Gaining Ground in Ad Tech

Social Ad Spending Skyrockets

It’s estimated that advertisers worldwide will spend as much as $23.68 billion on paid social media this year, representing a steep increase from 2014. Learn more from eMarketer.

  • WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU? By the end of 2017, paid social will account for almost 20% of all digital advertising spending in the U.S. Keep this in mind for budget forecasting.

Message to Marketers: Mobile Chat is the Next Killer App

Messaging apps have reached a combined three billion total accounts, and with use cases ranging from ordering a pizza to assisting with customer service, are officially dominating the mobile space.  Get the details from Ad Age.  

  • WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU? Giving your customer the tools to tell you exactly what they want when they want it will improve customer experience and enhance the relationship between brand and consumer.

The Small Screen

When it comes to watching TV, viewers increasingly favor their mobile devices over their television set. What impact will this have on your marketing approach? Check it out more from eMarketer

  • WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU? The amount of money spent on digital ads is disproportionate to the amount of time consumers spend watching digital videos – get ahead of the curve by placing your ads on Hulu or other streaming sites.

Women are Gaining Ground in Ad Tech

Women are flourishing in the historically male-dominated world of ad-tech. Data science interviews are objective – you either pass the technical interview or you don’t – but Silicon Valley’s reputation for gender discrimination has discouraged women from applying in the past. Read more on Ad Week.

  • WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU? Google, Facebook, Apple, and other large tech companies revealed last summer that male employees outnumber female employees four to one. The industry is becoming more female-friendly, but still has a long way to go.



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