This Week in Search: 3.27.15

What are Facebook’s newest strategies to stay on top? How is Google revolutionizing broadcast advertising? The answers to these questions and more in this week’s newsletter. 

New & Noteworthy: 

  1. New Twitter Streaming Video App
  2. Google Fiber
  3. Facebook is Making News
  4. YouTube Adds Cards Feature
  5. Facebook’s Embeddable Videos

New Twitter Streaming Video App  

Yesterday, Twitter launched its new live video-streaming app, Periscope. A competitor to the similar app Meerkat, Periscope has enough differences (and improvements) to have tech enthusiasts lauding its addictive qualities.  Read more at AdWeek

  • WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU? Advertisers can broadcast live streams to their audiences with little interruption and in real time, making it ideal for publicizing events and highlighting products without the constrictions of Snapchat or Meerkat.

Google Fiber  

Google Fiber, a high speed internet and TV service, is revolutionizing broadcast advertising with user-targeted commercials played during air time. For more details, check out the agency blog

  • WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU? When readily available, it will be easier to target specific audiences with relevant ad content who are more likely to convert via television.

Facebook is Making News

Facebook is adding another element to your newsfeed: actual news. With some big-name publishing partners already confirmed, the update is expected to roll out in a couple of months. Find out more from Learn Bonds.  

  • WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU? Facebook is becoming even more of a one-stop shop in hopes that users will spend more time on the site, and in turn increasing impressions on and engagement with your content.

YouTube Adds Cards Feature

YouTube’s videos are now more interactive than ever with the addition of a “card,” an in-video button that links to other content within the interface. Check it out here

  • WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU? Users can be redirected to more of your content simply by clicking on the video, making the transition smoother and driving more traffic to your site.

Facebook’s Embeddable Videos

Google News isn’t the only site Facebook is coming for this week; it’s also making a move on YouTube.  Facebook is now hosting video that can be embedded on other sites – making it a direct competitor to Vimeo and YouTube. Learn more from Business Insider.  

  • WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU? Video ad content uploaded to Google is now shareable throughout the web – making it a just as viable hosting site as YouTube and an improved brand channel.



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