The Yahoo Gemini Update

Earlier this month, the tides began turning from the amended Bing and Yahoo search agreement. As of May 1, up to 100% of mobile Yahoo search ads and up to 49% of Yahoo desktop ads will be served by Yahoo’s search platform, Gemini. Previously, these ads were all served through the Bing Ads platform.

While Bing Ads’ ads are still eligible to display on Yahoo search results, Yahoo Advertising estimated a decrease in Yahoo paid click traffic from Bing Ads of 30% – 60%. In a quick review of some of our clients’ traffic by source, we have not yet seen a decrease in ‘bing/cpc’ traffic. This is expected as we don’t believe many of our competitors have adopted this platform yet. However, as time goes on, we do expect that there could be some changes. Here are some things to consider when determining if and when you should adopt the Yahoo Gemini platform:

  • Mobile Search. From how we understand the search aspect of this platform, we anticipate this is the first channel that your Bing Ads could be affected by. If mobile search is a big part of your digital media strategy, you will want to consider adopting Gemini sooner.
  • Competition. When evaluating our competitors on Yahoo search, it appears that none of them are advertising through Gemini. While Yahoo Advertising hasn’t stated that Gemini ads will get preference over Bing Ads, we do anticipate that with the low competition on the Gemini platform itself, there could be very efficient CPCs at this time.
  • Management. There is no editor tool for this platform. Most third-party management tools don’t have integration with this platform either. If you have a complex account, you may need to rely on your Yahoo account and support team to help with management at scale. Because of this, you may want to wait until the tools to support management are developed.

What’s next? Yahoo has not shared any updates that will be coming to the platform in the near future. In July, your account support for Bing Ads will transition to Microsoft. From then on, your Yahoo team will be dedicated to the support of Yahoo Gemini.

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