The New Type of “Trending”: Fashion Week + Social Media

MTS - NY Fashion Week 2013

Twice yearly, when New York Fashion Week takes over New York City, the term “trending” is much more than merely a reference to social media. Don’t get me wrong, although fashion trends are the primary focus and reason Fashion Week exists, social media is a quickly growing channel that cannot be overlooked during this style-filled week.

Fashion week offers a preview of style trends for the upcoming Spring and Summer seasons. Lines are showcased on the runway and then reported on, thus preparing enthusiasts to be style-ready next season. What makes social media a perfect way to display these trends is the real-time sharing that occurs. Within hours of a runway show, the most common trends are pinned, hashtagged, and shared all over the country.

On Instagram specifically, every designer label, model, attendee, fashion publication, etc. is vying for a spot on your feed. Not only are you served photos and videos of the best looks, but hashtags provide the opportunity to delve even deeper into the trends to see what each designer is offering. Through merely viewing my Instagram feed of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week posts last week, I easily spotted the top trends seen on the catwalk: cut out, all white, and monochrome. Brands have even started creating their own hashtags, like Nanette Lepore’s #NeoRomantic, to garner a unique following. Social media is empowering these brands to create a community around their products like never before – and I, for one, am all for it.


You may be wondering – Where is this all going and what does it mean for my brand? Not to worry; here are three easy rules to follow to gear you up for next fashion week:

Your brand isn’t relevant unless it is seen.
Photos, video, and more video. Not only do audiences interact with visual content more, they share it more, disseminating it from social channel to social channel.

Hashtags are meant to be invented!
Creating a hashtag unique to your brand offers a way for your fans to interact with you on a deeper level.

Fashionably late doesn’t exist.
Remember that term “fashionably late”? Forget it. If you are not going to share content when it is happening, i.e. while a top model is strutting the runway in your collection’s signature piece, then you may as well commit social fraud.


Image sources: MTS NY Fashion Week, Social Media is Taking Over the Fashion Industry




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