The Internet of Things: How Data Drives the Digital World

As technology continues to improve, it feels like everyday another regular object in your home becomes “smart.” Translation? The Internet of Things is finally coming to life, and in the not-too-distant future will drastically shift how we approach everything from grocery shopping to digital marketing.

Think of the ease you already have linking so many touch points to the Internet – your credit card, physical activity, bill statements, calendar appointments, shopping, and dating. Not only are these facets of your life communicating with you, but their power comes from the seamless communication they have with each other through a simple button that provides connectivity to the internet. This concept is not new, however it takes on a totally new meaning when Forbes applies it to the Internet of Things (IoT).

Your Daily Activities in the “Internet of Things”

You wake up to your alarm, which has woken you up precisely after a REM cycle to give you optimal sleep quality. You jump in the shower, and by simply turning the water off it triggers a signal to your coffee maker to begin brewing. At 7:30 am you get into your vehicle, and upon starting the engine your smart car creates and sends you a list of groceries about to expire in your refrigerator.

When you arrive home from work that night, your garage door signals your oven to preheat to 350 degrees.Your fitbit delivers you an evening workout plan perfectly structured for you to remain on your desired weight loss program. As the night gets later, your alarm clark delivers optional times to go to bed based on your desired sleep duration and REM cycles, optimizing the best quality sleep for you. All of these interactions will be stored in each “smart” device in your life, that by working together create one of the most intimate, complex human databases imaginable.

Now, you are probably wondering how this relates to digital marketing, and here it is: if we think about how we target and reach our users today, there is already incredible opportunity to be increasingly efficient and exact. Imagine how far we can take this with even more sophisticated data.

Currently, device targeting allows digital marketers three options, however with the advancement of the Internet of Things, the opportunities to connect with the user will be accurate enough to capitalize on the exact behavior and action they are doing in real time.

Location targeting will be flawless and credible with the historical data of multiple connection points of each user, and privacy provisions will automatically be taken into account. The location within a store, restaurant, or city will provide assistance to the user as well as data for the database.

The data that all digital marketers dream about is almost available, yet while the specifics will become more advanced, the strategy behind successful digital media will remain similar – digital marketing is, and always will be, the most effective when it accurately connects data to real life human behavior. As the Internet of Things continues to develop, the challenge marketers will face is how to efficiently collect, analyze, and optimize against advanced, continually evolving data sets.




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