The Importance of Optimizing Social Media Profiles

It’s obvious that many companies are involved with social media, but the key is making sure that social media is being done the right way.

West Elm has a nice Facebook presence
West Elm does a good job of optimizing social media profiles.

Optimizing social media profiles and engaging with your audience are the main components in successfully handling your social sites. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram seem to continually be the most visually growing social sites, so it’s important to lay out the best way to optimize those sites in order to target the right audience. Aside from including your company’s name, number, website, location and links to other social sites, here are a few ways to better optimize your individual sites and create more engagement within them:

1) Facebook: The more content the better! Always include visuals and video. Make sure that keyword rich titles and descriptions are matching the visuals and videos being uploaded in order to create consistency. Building more engagement with Q/A status and commenting back on comments and reviews are the best ways to show your audience that their engagement matters (remember to tag their names so they receive a notification of your company’s efforts to respond to them).

Twitter is a great way to keep in touch with customers
Here’s a recent tweet from West Elm

2) Twitter: Stay engaged and put out weekly content! It’s important to engage with your Twitter followers by responding to them and even re-tweeting every now and then, but it’s also important to put out content. Featuring products, specials (depending on your company), and tips can be a great way to link back to your official company site or your other company social profiles.

3) Pinterest: More comments, likes and re-pins! More engagement within Pinterest is the best way to showcase your visual products and link back to your company’s official site. Keyword rich titles and descriptions are also important in optimizing your visuals. YouTube videos can also be embedded within Pinterest; it’s a good idea to use the same videos that are uploaded to your Facebook page for consistency!

West Elm is engaging with Pinterest users
West Elm engages with Pinterest users by liking other pins.

4) Instagram: This quickly growing visual site is a GREAT way to showcase your company and give followers an inside look. Getting involved with photo contests and weekly hashtags are great ways to engage with Instagram users and create awareness of your brand. Using consistent keyword hashtags when uploading photos is a good way to keep followers engaged in what is to come next.

West Elm is active with Instagram
West Elm displays “behind the scenes” images on Instagram.

The key to success here is content and consistency. Optimizing social media profiles is a great way to drive traffic to your website, create brand awareness and form loyal bonds with customers. It’s also very important to stay engaged with your audience in order to see successful results.

Happy posting, tweeting, pinning and Instagraming!




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