Snapchat Adds new Snap Business Tools and User Features

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Snapchat recently announced new features for both marketers and users. Brands now have access to new business tools, including Ad Manager, Snapchat Mobile Dashboard, and Business Manager. Snapchat also rolled out four new updates to improve its sharing functionality.


Initially, only brands with the ability to spend upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars on custom campaigns could utilize the advertising opportunities on Snapchat. Then, in the summer of 2016, Snap announced third-party ad buying and partnerships with top programmatic vendors, such as TubeMogul and Kenshoo. Now, the Ad Manager lets brands of all sizes leverage the compelling creative options and prospective audience.

 Ad Manager

The new Ad Manager enables brands and marketers to manage all aspects of a campaign in one location. Advertisers can buy, manage, and optimize all ad types, as well as view performance metrics.

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In addition, Ad Manager is where advertisers edit targeting capabilities, bidding for various KPIs, and creative assets and audience groups.

Snapchat Mobile Dashboard

The Snapchat mobile dashboard offers basic campaign review and editing functionality:

  • Creative can be viewed as it will be seen by users
  • Live performance of campaigns is displayed
  • Campaigns can be edited or paused
  • Push notifications can be enabled for various KPIs and updates

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Business Manager

Within Business Manager, brands and marketers can manage the logistics of multiple ad accounts, including roles and permissions for the team, billing, contacts, etc.

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All ad formats are available in Ad Manager. However, Sponsored Geofilters and Lenses are not available for purchase in the tool. To create and upload Sponsored Geofilters, visit


In an update that Snapchat is calling “a pretty big change to the way you create and send Snaps,” four new features were released. The features provide snappers with even more photo and video editing options, and gives those receiving Snaps a better viewing experience though the addition of Limitless Snaps, Looping Video, a Magic Eraser, and the ability to draw with Emoji.

Limitless Snaps

Followers can now enjoy image Snaps for as long as they’d like after opening them. When users set their Snap time to “no limit,” those who view the Snap can look it at for as long as they want if they have the Snap open.

“We’ve all felt the frustration of not being able to fully enjoy a Snap — even after replaying it — and we wanted to give you the option of allowing the recipient to enjoy your snap as long as they like.”  – Snapchat


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Looping Video

Looping video allows users to send video snaps that will loop forever until followers close the Snap or continue on to the next story. This lets followers and Snap receivers appreciate videos even more by giving them the opportunity to watch it as many times as they need to get the full story.

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Magic Eraser

The addition of the Magic Eraser tool lets users remove undesired objects from images before sending. Users simply tap the scissors tool, then the stars icon, and erase what they want from the image. From there, what was erased can be replaced with something else.

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Drawing with Emoji

Lastly, Snapchat has expanded the drawing functionality beyond the varying-color brush. Now, users can use the brush tool to draw with any Emoji they choose.

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/ What This Means for Marketers

The release of the new self-serve ad tools is intended to erase any friction that may be keeping advertisers off Snapchat. Campaign management is seamless and enables brands to reach previously untapped audiences without sacrificing efficiency.

Though the new ads management tools offer brands of all sizes the opportunity to advertise on the platform, marketers need to remain cognizant of the time and money that goes into creating these ads. Ads need to be high quality and captivating to resonate with users over other brands and competitors.

As for the new user features, brands need to be open to integrating the new features into their Snapchat posts and stories to keep content on trend with what consumers are using and want to see. But, as always, it’s important to remain authentic to avoid turning off followers and prompting a negative brand perception on the channel.




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