Searching for Safety

As the head of the Safety Committee at Nina Hale Inc., I spend a lot of time making safety-related searches as I educate myself and plan for the safety of my co-workers. Often these searches provide examples of best practices and common errors that can be applied to all search marketing. Maximizing the Value of your Content Below is a screenshot of the search results for “office safety checklist” (a great place to start for any newly formed safety committee).   As you can see above, 5 of the top 7 results are “.pdf” documents. While these results are relevant and provide me the information that I desire, they prove to be dead-ends and prohibit me from further exploring and engaging with the sites where they are stored. I’m certainly not saying that .pdf’s are bad, but when trying to build traffic and engage on your site, having the same information on an HTML web page would be preferable. Optimize your Paid Search with Reviews My next quest is to properly outfit the office with equipment that we may need in an emergency.  First on my procurement list are flashlights and extra batteries. I decided to go with flashlights powered by CR 123 lithium batteries due to their long shelf life, bright light output, and the fact that they are less likely to be repurposed for other uses and therefore available in an emergency. The screenshot above shows the PPC results for my search. I think the ad from is particularly effective given that they are in the tough position of going up against Amazon in this search result. I’ve never heard of them before and would probably default to clicking to Amazon, except for the seller reviews integrated into the paid ad. While has fewer reviews than Amazon, they are close and, based on their name, they must sell an awful lot of batteries.  I may still end up buying from Amazon, but generating reviews and utilizing them properly can help a lesser-known brand compete with the larger competitors. Building an office safety plan is much like building a search plan although there are some major exceptions which I will cover in my next blog posting, “How to Stop Thinking like a Search Marketer and Start Thinking Like a Safety Officer”.  




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