Searching for Love: How PPC Strategies Can Help You Conquer the Dating Scene

Maximizing online dating with PPC dating strategies
Is your ideal mate seeing the side of you that you’d like to show off?

Winter is fast approaching, and with it, comes the end of rooftop patio drinks, ice cream dates, and any outdoor activity that involves venturing out from hibernation. So, if you’re single and trying to figure out who is going to help you eat all of your pot roast leftovers this winter, you’d best make your move, and fast.

As search marketers, we’ve learned a few PPC strategies and tricks of the trade that may help you seize the last few weeks of fall to conquer the dating scene, or at least snag a free drink.

Optimize to Lead Quality, Not Volume: You could give your number to any old chump. Really, I’m sure you’re great, but that doesn’t mean you should. Make sure you’re spending your time on leads that are more likely to convert. But how can you capture quality leads, maximize your ROI, and leave the sketchy guys out in the cold?

Maximize Visibility Before Implementing Bidding Strategies: When you first begin putting yourself out there, you need to figure out how your prospects react to topics relevant to you. Invest your time in testing variations to identify those topics that drive quality conversations resulting in date acquisition.

Clear Call to Action: Games are for sixth graders. You want a drink? Ask. You want to bust out moves on the dance floor? Do. You want to go on a real date? Pick up the phone. Clear calls to action will direct your audience to the place you want them to be.

Create a Great User Experience: It’s hard enough as it is to get people to engage, so once you’ve got a bite on your line, it’s important to keep the chum around. Make sure your initial approach aligns with reality and expectations. Also, avoid duplicate content. Keep your potential love interest engaged with interesting facts about yourself, your interests, and be sure to ask about theirs as well.

Continue Testing: The hard reality of it is, love takes time – there are a lot of pretty awful people out there to sort through. It’s important to continue testing messaging, frequency, and more to see how you can reach the highest volume with the most efficiency.

We hope these tips keep you motivated to get out there and mingle this winter. All the power to you.





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