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Traditional marketing tactics can often be unwieldy, taking precious time to launch that could cause a company to miss news event opportunities. Search marketing is flexible and allows for quick response for real time action to events. The constant challenge for any marketer is to capitalize on opportunities as they happen, and search marketing is designed for this type of flexibility. Nina Hale Inc. works with a variety of Google Grant clients, including Ploughshares Fund, the Walker Art Center, and MinnPost. Organizations that are awarded a Google Grant receive up to $10,000 per month of in-kind advertising to promote outreach, fundraising, and volunteerism for their nonprofit organization. Due to limitations of the Google Grant, including a max CPC of $1.00 and limited channel access, Google Grant clients often find taking advantage of the entire grant fund difficult. In instances with three Google Grant clients, Nina Hale Inc. created AdWords Campaigns and Ad Groups that capitalized on news events, improving click-through and conversion rates for Ploughshares Fund, the Walker Art Center, and MinnPost. Ploughshares Fund is a public grantmaking foundation that works to build a safe, secure, nuclear weapon-free world by developing and investing in initiatives to reduce and ultimately eliminate the world’s nuclear stockpiles. On March 14th, 2011 an earthquake shook Japan and created a crisis at the Fukushima nuclear plant. Due to the flexibility of search, Nina Hale Inc. was able to create a pay-per-click campaign the same day the earthquake hit. This quick thinking catapulted the grant from 200 clicks per day to 500+ clicks per day and the grant went from spending about $4,000 per month to consistently hitting the $10,000 grant spending limit. The Walker Art Center is a contemporary art center in Minneapolis. An editor of GQ Magazine wanted to feature the Delfonics pens and pencils but could not find the full collection of colors in New York. Through a Google search, this editor found the Walker Shop and within two days got the full Delfonics collection and shot the spread for an online feature on the GQ website that went live two months later. Through regular correspondence, the Walker created a Modern Man category on their Shop site and we created a Modern Man pay-per-click campaign in tandem to prepare for the GQ referral traffic. This coordinated quick thinking increased clicks from an average 90 clicks per day to an average of 600 clicks per day. MinnPost is a nonprofit news organization dedicated to providing high quality journalism for news-intense Minnesotans. Thanks to close communication with the client and staying on top of local news, Nina Hale Inc. was able to create pay-per-click campaigns and ad groups for the Congressional Redistricting and the Vikings Stadium proposal before the news hit. These prepared Congressional Redistricting ads brought in upwards of 1,228 clicks its first day alone. Search allows for a response to events and opportunities in real time, providing dramatic results despite low budgets and other campaign constraints. Through the dynamic power of search Ploughshares Fund, the Walker Art Center, and MinnPost all dramatically increased their click through rates and conversions, coming close or reaching the full potential of the Google Grant spending.




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