Promoted Tweets: Twitter rolls out advertising on a CPM basis


Starting April 13, Twitter will roll out the option to buy the top result in the live searches on Twitter. This allows businesses to control the first message seen on a topic, and assures their posts have a prominent voice. There are still a lot of unknowns about the program, but we’ve tried to roll up as much information and analysis as we’ve found. We’ll definitely be a source for strategy and execution of this as it becomes widely available.

How Will It Work?

When a Twitter user searches for something on Twitter, an advertiser can pay to have one of their own posts show up in the top result. A search on Twitter can be through a search box, through clicking on a hashtage or by searching on a name, hashtag, or other keyword. In normal results, the most recent posts that fit that search will show in results. In Promoted Tweets, the advertiser’s chosen post will show first.

What’s In It For YOU?

Some primary uses for Promoted Tweets

  • Reputation. A company can use it to ensure that their side of an issue or scandal is told.
  • Veracity. To dispel rumors.
  • Sales. Promoting offers, deals, or availability of items.
  • Events. Promoting your post at the top of searches for hashtag events, you can ensure that people know you’re a part of it.
  • Loyalty. Promoting yourself as the best at what you do.
  • Authority. Possibly one of the more important uses of this is to establish yourself as the authority on a subject.

What Is The Reach Of Promoted Tweets?

Twitter is looking into a pay-for-performance model by analyzing the "resonance" of a Promoted Tweet. This would factor retweets, replies, and favorites to determine how good the ad is, akin to a quality score on Google AdWords. Those with high resonance will continue to be shown, while those with lower resonance will disappear as a Promoted Tweet, but go into the Tweet trail.

Can Your Competitors Or Haters Damage You?

Steve Helland from Fredlaw has given us some ideas about this could mean legally. More details to follow.

Is It An Open Program?

Right now this is being offered in a closed pilot to a handful of partners including: Best Buy, Bravo, Red Bull, Sony Pictures, Starbucks, and Virgin America. But it will start rolling out throughout the year. When it does, we’ll be on it, and we’re looking into a fast track for our clients.


Twitter Promoted Tweets hold great promise in laser-targeting potential customers at a moment of need, desire, or interest. We expect there will be a lot of money made, and potentially a lot lost as companies learn how to effectively use this new tool. Nina Hale Inc remains committed to working with clients to help strategize and execute online advertising that uses Search or CPC as its underlying model.

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