Pinterest Verification: How to Verify your Pinterest Account & Why You Should Care

You may have noticed a little box in the upper left corner of your Pinterest homepage with a reference to a verification process. That’s because Pinterest is now offering websites the opportunity to verify their website.

Why should you care: 

  • Increased Visibility.  Pinterest Verfied Profile ImageWhen a Pinterest profile gets verified, the URL replaces the pretty little earth icon that previously served as the link to the home site. Now users can see your site’s URL right at the top of your profile page, offering more information to engaged pinners. Also, the red check that gets added under the profile name after verification will help you stand out during internal Pinterest searches. 
  • Increased Traffic. The now-visible URL on your Pinterest profile makes it easier and much more enticing for users to click on the link if they want to know more about your brand. This, along with images pinned from your site, will help drive traffic from Pinterest to your homepage. 
  • Increased Credibility. Like verified Twitter accounts, the red check next to the profile speaks well of the company. It can also be a good way to help distinguish your Pinterest account from other users with similar names. This could be particularly important if your company has multiple branches each with their own Pinterest account.

How to Verify Your Website with Pinterest:

  • Log onto your Pinterest account and click on “Settings” under your profile icon in the upper right of the page. Pinterest Settings
  • Scroll down the Settings page to the “Website” line. Then click the “Verify Website” button.

Pinterest Verify Website

  • Download the HTML verification file to your computer, then save it somewhere easy to find (such as the Desktop). This file name will look like “pinterest-xxxxxx.html” but the “x” portion will vary.

Pinterest Why Verify

  •  Now upload this Pinterest file to your website’s server. The file needs to be attached to the main domain, so not The HTML verification file also needs to be transferred to your main folder, not a sub-folder or Pinterest won’t be able to find it. Your in-house tech person or webmaster should be able to do this but if it is confusing please feel free to contact us.
  • Finally click the “Click here to complete the process” button on the Verify Website page on your Pinterest account. If Pinterest finds the file, you’ll see a little red circle with a check in it appear in your settings page and the earth icon on your profile page will be replaced by your URL. 

This verification roll-out indicates that Pinterest is recognizing their business users and are taking steps to creating a social platform with amenities to support them.  

If you’re having trouble verifying your website, visit the Help – I can’t verify my website page. For more general information on the verification process visit the Pinterest Support page. Contact Nina Hale Inc for assistance in verifying your site with Pinterest.





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