Pinerly: A New Pinterest Analytics Tool

As Pinterest continues to drive large amounts of traffic, it’s time to get serious about measuring results to learn how to best utilize this new social media tool. 

Pinerly is a new tool aimed at providing insight into Pinterest by creating a Pinterest analytics dashboard. Right now Pinerly is a fairly basic tool, providing general information on “campaigns,” or pins, such as number of clicks, likes, and repins. While you can get likes and repins per pin straight from your Pinterest page, Pinerly provides the “reach” of each pin as it is repinned. They do this by tacking tracking code to each pin, allowing users to see how many people repinned, liked, and reclicked their pins.

Pinterest recently started blocking pins with redirects and tracking information in an attempt to curtail spam. I was worried that Pinerly, which attaches their analytics information at the end of pin links, would fall under this new “spam” category. However, I have yet to see a single Pinerly pin be marked as spam or fail to direct the user to the correct URL.

Although currently basic, Pinerly has plans to provide in-depth analytics and other tools, such as scheduled pinning. However, this much-coveted scheduled pinning is entirely dependent on Pinterest releasing their API, so there is no set date on this tool. If you’re pressed for time or ideas, Pinerly offers suggested images to pin. It also provides a slew of “Pinerly Tips” on how to maximize your Pinterest efforts.

Pinerly also offers basic reporting, allowing users to download graphs of “campaign” performance over the timeframe of your choosing and an Excel sheet detailing “campaign” performance by day.

After playing with Pinerly for a month, I like this tool but do not see it as a must-have in its current state. It is interesting to watch your reach grow exponentially as your image is repinned, but this information is not crucial to creating a successful Pinterest strategy. If Pinterest releases its API and Pinerly is able to implement other tools, it could become a valuable analytics tool. Until then, use it as a fun way to get marginally more information on your pinning activity and to see pretty graphs depicting Pinterest interaction.

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