NHI Friday the 13th Marketing Superstitions

On any given day, we’re a pretty levelheaded bunch of digital marketers over here at Nina Hale Inc. Today, however, is Friday the 13th. The third and final Friday the 13th of the year, no less, making it seem especially ominous. So far, there have been no mirrors broken, signs of black cats (just a black horse lamp) or suspiciously placed ladders that poor, unsuspecting search marketers have traipsed under. But it’s still early; knock on wood. No one’s tossing salt over their shoulders or sharing fears of flying or buying stock today, but we have taken some time to discuss our marketing superstitions. The following are things some of us believe or have simply just heard: 1. Don’t launch a new paid search campaign on a Friday.  Sometimes it makes sense to follow this, and sometimes it doesn’t. It’s not a one-sized-fits all approach. What if your target audience is most likely to search for your product, service or establishment over the weekend? What if you have certain impression/conversions goals to hit in a short period of time? Typically, as long as your campaign is well planned from the beginning and the daily budget is not set astronomically high, Friday launches might be OK. Or they might be doomed. Launch at your own risk. 2. Compulsively checking stats hurts campaigns. This is silly. Simply checking stats doesn’t hurt a campaign unless results are acted upon without looking at the big picture. So, if you have OCD and simply can’t keep your eyes off your Google Analytics or AdWords accounts, the only harm you’re doing is to your productivity…and possibly social life. It’s summer. Go outside while you can enjoy it, the stats aren’t going anywhere. 3. Any stat with the number 666 is bad news. The only time this may be true is for impressions for a month, because that’s pretty low by most standards. But 666 clicks, leads, sales? Totally fine and not demonic!  4. Brands that utilize social media are just asking for negative comments.  Yes, many people are still wary of incorporating social media into their marketing efforts, largely because they’re afraid of negative comments and feedback. It’s a legitimate fear, sure, but those negative comments or feedback, should they exist, will occur with or without your involvement. Isn’t it better to jump in to have some control and ability to respond, and possibly solve problems or answer concerns? 5. Never go first in a new business pitch.  Or last. Or… Pitch order is a funny thing. Some prefer to go first to get it over with or set the bar, while others would rather “save the best for last” and size up the competition. Often, you have no choice. Don Draper doesn’t even decide every time. But you can do the next best thing and wear your lucky socks or tie. 6. Don’t say “Matt Cutts” three times in a row. You don’t want Google’s Search Quality Engineer to pop up, Beetlejuice-style, explaining how to rank No. 1. Or do you? 7. Never launch a site on April Fool’s Day. Web developers sometimes have an issue with Friday launches too, but some also have a problem with April 1st launches, because if things go wrong, people may just think it’s a joke.  If that April Fool’s Day happens to also be a Friday, well then we’re really in trouble.

8. Don’t make an email folder for a potential client before a contract is signed. One of our account managers never thought of themselves as superstitious and thought this was a totally normal thing that everyone did to safeguard against “jinxing” a potential account. In their words, doing so “equals DOOM.”





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