Snapchat Introduces New Ad Formats To Boost Revenue Potential

new snapchat ad formats

Snapchat’s Q3 earnings report highlighted the ongoing challenges to establishing itself within the social landscape. In efforts to win over new advertisers, the platform introduced two new, immersive ad formats: Promoted Stories and Augment Reality Trial ads.

Snapchat hopes to attract big brands with more immersive ad formats

With growing competition from Instagram Stories, Snapchat launched two new ad formats that go beyond what Facebook can currently offer (for now).

Promoted Stories

Promoted Stories will enable advertisers to tell in-depth, story-driven narratives in the form of 3 to 10 Snaps stringed together. This ad format will be seamlessly placed on the Stories page, which can be shown to everyone country-wide, purchased as a one-day takeover for maximum impact.

An example from Snapchat: ‘Promoted Stories in action: Snapchat Holiday Party Filters’

We used Promoted Stories to show how easy it is to create On-Demand Filters for holiday parties. The Promoted Story was featured on the Discover screen, and was made up of four Snaps stitched together. Snapchatters could watch to see how they could make their next holiday party shine. At any moment during the Promoted Story, Snapchatters could swipe up to create a Filter of their own.

Augmented Reality (AR) Trial Ads

Augmented Reality (AR) Trial ads will allow users to re-size and change the colors of 3D products and place them onto real world scenes. This ad format is like Snapchat’s responsive World Lenses launched earlier this year, which enables users to overlay digital projections onto a scene. With AR Trial ads, brands will get the advantage of having their products advertised in an augmented world.

Both ad formats are intended to be less skippable and more memorable, making them attractive to big businesses hoping to reach Snapchat’s sought-after audience of US teens.

What This Means for SNAPCHAT

  • New ad formats will enable Snapchat to compete with growing competition from Instagram Stories
  • Snap Inc. can take the earnings from the advertising revenue and invest in other key advertising products for businesses


What This Means for Marketers

  • Immersive ad formats will let advertisers reach more users with more curated and interactive content
  • Marketers will have a more robust platform to target the core Snapchat audience of teens and millennials
  • Marketers will be able to diversify their digital tactics and expand beyond just Facebook or Instagram to get an even bigger reach

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