New Research and Energy for the NHI Paid Media Team

One of Nina Hale, Inc.’s main services is paid media—which incorporates SEM or PPC, as well as display advertising, programmatic, paid social and more. We’ve recently added new members to the NHI team, whose depth and breadth of experience add to our already strong paid media services.

Read more to learn about what our newest hires have to say about the future of paid media and their experiences so far at Nina Hale, Inc.

Where Do You See Paid Media Going In The Near Future?

“I see paid media growing exponentially, as more and more companies understand the impact and value of it for their company. From nonprofits, B2B groups, and social campaigns, a willingness to pay to receive a qualified lead at a particular price point is enticing.”

-Aaron W., Senior Search Specialist

“I think the future of advertising has to be easier to manage than it is today. I see a central system built that will contain an infinite amount of advertising data that you can access with a click of a button. One platform with access to any advertising platform, such as Google, Bing, Facebook, etc.—rather than going through each API.”

-Shuman S., Paid Media Manager

What Excites You About Paid Media?

“I really like the ability to attribute specific traffic, conversions, and lead quality through paid media… With paid search, you have the ability to offer more refinement, more control, and more data to guide your marketing efforts.”


“I’m excited about being able to present an ad in front of a user that will be relevant to them 100% of the time and get away from interruptive advertising. We’ll be able to practice this by using all the data we are collecting and building personas around that data. This is something I see happening in the very near future.” 


“Paid search is an interesting area of growth in the search marketing community. There are many people who can run a Google AdWords campaign, but not many who can run it well, with results. But not only Google paid services, but Bing paid search, website remarketing and audience targeting, social paid campaigns, impression and brand campaigns, and so many more. You need a talented group of smart, industry leading people who can manage your campaigns, and everything I’ve seen at Nina Hale tells me if you’re interested in said services, this is the place to be!”


New Research on Cross-Channel Search Interaction

The enthusiasm of our new team members coincides with the bright future of the paid media industry. Recently, Google released research on increased top-of-mind brand awareness in paid search, and Facebook outlined how paid social boosts paid search performance. Incorporating these while keeping a close eye on our each paid campaign allows the NHI team to further refine our strategies for each of our clients. With fresh energy adding to an already experienced paid media team, the paid search experts at Nina Hale, Inc. continue to provide the top performance and high-quality lead generation through digital channels.






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