Keeping An Eye On Google AdWords Updates

It’s that time again for our PPC Nerdiness to show up on the blog in a big way. There have been a lot of fun updates to Google AdWords lately, some more glamorous (or contentious) than others, but here is quick recap of the updates upon which we’ve been keeping our collective PPC eye:   Google Changes Ad Rotation Settings Currently, you can set your ads to rotate evenly (indefinitely), for Google to optimize the rotation for clicks, or for Google to optimize the rotation for conversions. Starting this week, the “rotate evenly” setting will change – the ads will rotate evenly for 30 days, at which point Google will then start to automatically optimize them. In order to keep this from happening, you will have to edit your ads at least every 30 days to keep them rotating evenly. Google’s public thought on this is that they are helping us to better test our ads by automating the steps that we should take after 30 days anyway. But some tests may take longer than 30 days, so it will be important to keep an eye on ads and keep them rotating evenly if you are doing an A/B test of any kind.   Google AdWords Now Features Account Labels Now you can quickly “label” your keywords to segment them into custom groups. An example for one of our accounts might be to segment keywords by geographic area – Atlanta, Des Moines, and Minneapolis. This isn’t a huge change per se, but certainly makes Google AdWords a little closer in comparison to the relative dexterity of some bid management tools when it comes to managing massive amounts of keywords. Labels are a great way to organize and optimize various categories of keywords that may span across campaigns.   Google Increases Transparency in Quality Score Sometimes, you know your quality score isn’t as high as it should be, but you just don’t know why! Now, we get a little more visibility into what facet of the quality score is dragging it down. Previously, you could see your poor quality score but couldn’t quite determine what was causing it. Google has updated the status hover for keyword quality score to include ratings for expected click-through-rate, ad relevance, and landing page experience. This way, it’s a little easier to see if it’s the ad, the keyword, or the landing page that is giving you trouble. As Google continues to improve its PPC platform, we’ll keep you updated on all the changes we’re most excited about!




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