Keep Your Kitchen Optimized for Turkey Fryer Safety

Updated from the 2013 post.

Thanksgiving week is upon us once again, and with it comes all the excitement of preparing and enjoying a meal with family and friends. Unfortunately, another aspect of the holiday is injuries, fires, and destruction associated with deep frying turkeys. Find out how we’re planning on keeping our kitchens safe — with the help of some Google searches.

As those of you who follow this blog know, I take safety very seriously. As such, I decided to take my blog entry this week and do some searches regarding turkey fryer safety. These searches show the many tactics, both good and bad, we see as search marketers every day.

Take the search below I did on “turkey fryer safety.” A few things jump out at me:

Turkey Frying Safety

  • Perhaps Lowe’s needs to re-evaluate its negative keywords for this ad. I doubt someone searching about safety is well positioned to convert on a purchase.
  • Use all tools available to get your images into the search results. I don’t know about you, but I am very compelled to click on the result with the giant flaming turkey fryer.

The screenshot above was taken last year about this time. I decided to revisit this search and see how Google changed the results page. A current SERP snapshot is below. See a difference? I did: no video result. A year ago, I lauded for having a “very compelling” embedded video image in their listing.  But in the last year, Google changed to feature fewer video snippets in search results (with YouTube as the exception of course). You’ll see that thetop two organic listings are the same, but the page is missing the video snippet and news results have moved up on the page.

google turkey fryer safety


Turkey fryer safety queries get a relatively small number of searches from the 4,400 average searches in November for “Thanksgiving safety tips”; there only 590 average searches in November for “turkey fryer safety.”

So if you are planning to fry up a turkey on Thursday, please do some research now to plan your project carefully. Many government and safety organizations control high positions on safety-related searches and can be valuable resources for you as you begin planning your meal on Thursday. Some of my favorite pages for turkey fryer safety are:

If you’ve read through this entire post and your bird is not out of the freezer defrosting, it should be. Attempting to fry a frozen or partially frozen bird is extremely dangerous, and the safest way to prevent food-borne illness is to defrost the bird in the refrigerator. You need to plan on one day of defrosting for every four pounds of weight, which means that today — the Tuesday before Thanksgiving — many birds should be in the defrosting process already.

Happy Thanksgiving and keep your turkey frying safe!




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