Introducing Pinterest Analytics (finally)

Today is the day we’ve all been waiting for since Pinterest exploded as the new “it” social media platform. That’s right folks; we finally have Pinterest Analytics.

Using Google Analytics, we’ve been able to see the traffic driven from Pinterest to our clients’ sites, but we’ve been missing crucial pieces of the puzzle. How many people have pinned images from the website site? How many people have actually seen the pinned images? Now with Pinterest Web Analytics you have access to that information, providing insights into how users interact with pins originating from your site.

With the Pinterest Analytics, you have access to the number of pins and people pinning images from your site, the number of repins and people repining images from your site, the number of times your pins appeared on the Pinterest main feed, search results, or on boards, and number of clicks and people visiting your website from Pinterest.

Pinterest Analytics 3.12.13

By having access to pin performance, users can see what images resonate best with pinners or see what categories could benefit from additional visual content. This additional information will allow users to better leverage Pinterest for business objectives, be that increasing engagement, promoting thought leadership, increasing brand awareness, or increasing conversions. This tool is still missing information that would illuminate the importance of repining regarding user interaction and brand authority, but it’s a start. In short, Pinterest Web Analytics makes Pinterest a much more powerful tool in an ongoing content strategy.

To be able to access the Pinterest Analytics, you first need to have your website verified. See the previous post on Pinterest Verification to learn how to do this. After your website is verified, get early access to Pinterest’s new look then go to the top right menu and click Analytics.

Old Pinterest Interface
Old Pinterest Interface


New Pinterest Interface
New Pinterest Interface

Although their analytics tool uses a very simplistic approach much alike Facebook’s insights, Pinterest Web Analytics is a big step towards Pinterest actually starting to monetize its massive traffic assets. Read Pinterest’s post on the matter to hear it from the horse’s mouth or contact Nina Hale, Inc. if you have any questions about Pinterest Web Analytics.




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