Internet Summit 2013 Recap

Internet Summit 2013

Last week, Gretchen and I flew to Raleigh, NC for the Internet Summit 2013. With speakers like Alexis Ohanian, the co-founder of reddit; Susan Bennett, the voice of Siri; Duane Forrester, a Senior Product Manager at Bing; and Gary Vaynerchuk, the founder of Vayner Media; #isum13 really stuck to their goal of promoting thought leadership in the internet marketing industry. Gary set the tone of the conference with his kick-off presentation, focusing on “marketing and executing business in the year we’re actually living in.”

Vaynerchuk had some really interesting insight into the mobile aspect of digital marketing. He continued to refer to the fact that overall, eyeballs and ears are constantly shifting. It’s hard to keep the attention of anyone. He made a point to ask the audience, “How many of you reach for your phones the second a commercial comes on the TV?” The majority of us raised our hands. How are advertisers supposed to cater to an audience that can constantly dodge advertising? The answer: by being on mobile devices. 

It’s not enough to just have a mobile site; you must have a functioning, clear, and aesthetically pleasing mobile site. In fact, 40% of users will turn to a competitor if they encounter a bad mobile site. Like word-of-mouth traffic and conversions? Work on that mobile site because 57% of users won’t recommend a business with a poor mobile site.

For digital marketers, it’s important to remember that everyone’s number one value is time. We are living in a 24-hour world, and it’s becoming difficult for businesses to keep up. Two things Gary suggested digital marketers keep in mind:

  • Change your advertising to something that’s valuable.
  • Understand who your consumers are and most importantly WHERE they are.

Duane Forrester, Senior Product Manager at Bing, also had great insight. Duane noted that digital marketing really boils down to search. To understand what quality content people are looking for, look at how they’re searching. It’s important for marketers to practice predictivity, or being there before the consumer when they want you, and ultimately being their hero. 

With speakers and fellow conference-goers from a variety of backgrounds, we had a fun and educational time at the Internet Summit 2013. Now it’s time to put that knowledge to work! 





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