How to Add Self-Serve Placement Ads on YouTube

Are you going crazy trying to find out where to login and add YouTube videos to your media plan? Have you gone crazy trying to find it when maybe you even used it before and why in the world is it so hard to find? (not that I’m talking from experience, it must have just been the fever that kept me home for the past two days.) Your search is over, here is where to find videos on YouTube to place your ads on: When you login to YouTube to use it’s placement tool, you can get more specific and in-depth with choosing specific users, channels, and videos to show ads on. Their Video Placement Tool. Once you’ve created this media plan, then you connect it with your Google AdWords account and the ad placements import in. One problem through that is also frustrating is that I can’t figure out how to select some as specific negatives prior to launch – the interface won’t let me, AdWords Editor won’t let me. I’m creating one for a client (The Pillar Procedure) who has a procedure to stop snoring and I can’t believe how many people post videos of thier dogs snoring. The benefit of doing this is YouTube is that rather than targeting just by keyword or channel which are your options from Google AdWords, within YouTube you can drill down to specific videos. Another dog related example. I’m running ads for a client (Irish Setter) for their new rubber hunting boots, and wanted to target videos of hunting and deer hunters, but lots of people post tribute videos of pets killed by hunters, or post videos of deer in their back yard, which isn’t the audience I want even if those videos might be in the Hunting and Shooting category. What is exciting is that with the inline ads that show at the bottom of the video for about 30 seconds, we’re getting great clickthrough and conversion rates even though they interrupt the video. We always pair them with a compainion square banner ad in the upper corner because I figure “why would I click on the ad, I’m here to watch the video” but after it’s over, the banner is there to click to the site. And then you may say “but Nina, is this search engine marketing?” to which we say “well, YouTube is the second largest search engine.” And also more importantly, the new targeting features that search engines are creating for their advertising networks takes SEM into a new realm of Paid Placement: highly targeted pay-for-performance advertising based on keyword and shown interests. Booya! (I am feeling all this hunting testosterone).

  1. 1.  Create a shell adgroup in Google AdWords (you can do this in YouTube but if you do the shell first you can have it paused on creation – if you create it while importing you’ll have to go back into AdWords to pause it.)
  2. 2.  Start with creating a new YouTube account based on that client’s main login to AdWords.
  3. 3.  Choose your placements on YouTube
  4. 4.  Sync them to the shell adgroup in your Google AdWords account
  5. 5.  Launch and optimize




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