How Could Google Glass Impact Search?

Google Glass performs a variety of functions, including Google searches prompted by vocalized queries. Coming from a search agency, this new platform for search prompts questions about how Glass could impact the future of search.

As a Google product, all searches are conducted through the Google search engine and I don’t foresee this changing, even with the evolution of Glass apps. All the following predictions on Glass and search implications are based on this assumption.

• Only top page of SERPs provided

    – For Glass search results, page one will be even more crucial as there is no option to scroll through dozens of search results.

Results show meta title and description

– Meta titles and descriptions will be crucial for Glass SERPs and click-through rates, as these are the first thing a viewer sees.

Google’s enhanced results work best with Glass

– Search results with widgets and that are part of the knowledge graph appear first and with striking images. This includes searches about celebrities, sports teams, weather, common conversions, statistics, and local searches if the location is in the query.

• Local listings play a large part of Glass search results

– Glass draws heavily on local search results, pushing local restaurants in addition to providing local results for queries. As Glass becomes more prevalent, it will become crucial to have complete and up-to-date information for local listings, including hours and a phone number.

• Only Google ads

– Last week, Google released an update to Glass that allowed for click through to search result pages. This opened the door to the first advertisements on Glass. As of now, the only advertisements have been Google ads, but as Glass hits the mass market this could be a burgeoning area for PPC advertisers.

Google Glass Ad
Google Glass Ad

Currently, Glass search results mirror desktop Google results. When searching for something that will exist in the enhanced results, Glass excels. However, Glass was designed for quick bursts of activities and not for internet browsing. In that light, the broader search queries produce confusing and often unhelpful Glass search results. Apps will become vital to fill this void, especially for movie listings, happy hour offerings nearby, bus information, and other on-the-go queries.

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