Google’s New +1 Button: Word of Mouth Google-Style

Google +1 ButtonOver the next few weeks you’ll start seeing new, small buttons next to search results, Google Ads, and eventually even on websites themselves. Presenting Google’s newest update: the +1 Button. Google bills this as a “public stamp of approval,” and it pretty much is. By clicking this button you add your name to your recommendation of that link to friends and contacts. Basically it’s Facebook’s “like” button: you click it and, if you have a Google profile, when your friends use Google they see that you have “plus one-d it” or recommended, that link. This could be incredibly helpful when trying to choose, say, a hotel or a microwave.

For example: Your friend Herman needs to buy a new lamp. He shops around, looks a few sites, and finds one with both the perfect lamp as well as other great lighting. In fact, he likes the site so much he decides to hit the Google +1 button to tell the world how much he likes it. A few weeks later your lamp breaks, so you too go to Google searching for a new lamp. And there in the search results is a little personalized annotation saying that your dear friend Herman recommends a particular lamp site. Problem solved and search simplified!

This button will start on Google Ads and search results, but soon websites will have the option of adding the button directly to their website, allowing users to recommend their site without ever leaving the page. Each user’s +1 information will be kept in a new tab on their Google profile. What does this mean for SEO? The new +1 button will act as enhancements to an already successful search campaign, allowing the good sites to gain an even larger market share of search rankings. The +1 will impact how organic search rankings are calculated, but most likely won’t change the way the quality score is calculated. Increasingly social recommendations will become important for SEO efforts, adding to link-building as a “sniffer” for relevancy. This is an expansion of the “starred sites” that Google rolled out a few years ago. For more information about the Google +1 button, head straight to the source and see for yourself:




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