Google Releases Analytics Mobile App for Android

If you find yourself so highly engaged with your website traffic that you can’t “let go” when you are out and about, the Google Play store has the app for you. Simply titled Analytics, the app is free and syncs seamlessly with your Android phone’s Gmail account. (Of course, if you want to use a different Analytics account you can.) A quick comparison of the Google Analytics App and gAnalytics App from e6bapps reveals that the Google app is a lot more simplistic, but it’s also easier to use. The dashboard window is the only area where you can add specific reports. The small “add widget” button in the upper right corner opens a dialog to “pick a metric”. After choosing the metric, the user assigns a sampling interval like “daily”, advanced segment and date range.  Widgets are positioned in the order that they are created and cannot be dragged around. The lack of features and reports make the Google Analytics App best suited for monitoring real-time visitors and quick snapshots of visits and goal data. The default dashboard has only one graph for Daily Unique Visitors and Daily Goal Conversion Rate. There are also reports for Automatic Alerts and Custom Alerts. The custom alerts require logging into the full web version of GA and setting them up. You will notice that “Traffic Segments” is conspicuously missing from the navigation bar.  Like the custom reports, you also need to log into the full web version of Analytics if you want to see specific traffic source information. The Analytics App has some default advanced segments like “non-paid search traffic” and “returning visitors”, and you can use the full web version to add separate more specific advanced segments . If you wanted, as an example, website revenue from Pinterest users, you would need to use a browser to visit the GA site, add an Advanced Segment for referrals from Pinterest. As a final step, you would log into the Analytics Android app and create a new widget for “Revenue” and choose your newly created Pinterest segment.   The dashboard only supports up to five widgets, so really—this is a very simple tool for very simple data and not something you’d use for any analysis. This is a real-time, quick snapshot tool, so if you need better graphs and more complete reports, I’d recommend sticking with gAnalytics.   Shortlink:        




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