Google+ Local / Google Places Missing Listings

At the end of last month, we blogged about the Google Places change to Google+ Local. While this now seems like old news to most everyone, a few companies have been patiently waiting for Google to fix what they call a “technical issue” that is causing some of the listings to disappear.

When Google announced the change, they had already automatically converted over 80 million Google Places pages into Google+ Local pages, meaning MOST pages were automatically converted. I had the pleasure of encountering one of the few unlucky pages that didn’t get converted to a Google+ Local page, but instead had their Google Places listing disappear completely.

Google Places missing listing

If your Google Places listing was removed, your dashboard may show your listing at “Pending” or even worse, if you click through to view your listing it may show the “We currently do not support the location” error message. Here are the solutions that Google shared to help removed listings:

1: Review the Google Places guidelines at If your listing didn’t meet these guidelines, it may have been removed from the Google Places listings. Change your listing to meet Google’s guidelines and you should see your listing reappear. It is especially important that if your business operates in a service area, as opposed to one specific location, that you identify that service area and select the box that says “Do not show my business address on my Maps listing”. This is a common reason why some Google Places listings were removed.

2: If your Places listing met all of Google’s guidelines and was still removed, try searching for your business on If you are able to find your business, attempt to undo the removal to reinstate your listing. Supposedly, this may take a few days for your request to be processed.

3: If you search for your business on and cannot find your business, prepare yourself for the worst. You will have to log in to your Places account and delete your listing through the dashboard. You will then have to recreate you listing and wait 2-3 weeks to receive a letter (in the mail!) containing you PIN verification. When you receive your PIN, Google says your listing “may surface cleanly on Maps once you input your new pin”.

Best of luck!  As for me, I wait the 2-3 weeks patiently with all the other unfortunate Google Places page casualties.




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