Google Glass Explorers Share Their Experiences, Provide Feedback

Last Saturday, the NHI Google Glass Explorers went to New York City to pick up their Glass. After spending a few quality days playing with Glass, here’s what they had to say about Google’s new wearable technology.

What was your winning tweet or Google+ post? NHI Google Glass Explorers

Nina: Two entries won. Twitter: I’d go mushroom hunting for morels in northern MN & connect with websites & mycologists to ensure I didn’t die. #ifihadglass

Google+: #ifihadglass I love my hometown and home state of Minneapolis, Minnesota. I would create a series of tours with my staff, friends and local bigwigs to highlight biking, water, arts, architecture, music and business, complete with connections to more info on the wonderful and quirky in our state.

Angela: #ifihadglass I would price compare everything and never pay full-price for anything #googleshopping

Jodie: @projectglass #ifihadglass I’d make a documentary of life through my eyes.

Katie: Two entries won. Google+: I would travel & smash language barriers #ifihadglass. I could finally visit where my great-great-grandmother was born!

Twitter: Instead of me reading books to the kids, I would record THEIR stories and share them during story times #ifihadglass. #NoMoreGreenEggs&Ham

Tess: #ifihadglass I’d share all it has to offer with my 30 awesome coworkers to capture & share our unforgettable moments

What is your favorite thing about Glass so far?

Nina: I love how Google Now shows you elements it’s deemed important such as the weather, time to get home (scary how they figured out where home is), birthdays, meetings, flight info. Google Now is also available on your phone and online, but it’s a perfect item for Glass. The only issue is that Google Now gets some things wrong and you can’t always delete them. It kept telling me how to get to a doctor’s office in Brooklyn – maybe it knows something I don’t!

Angela: Google Hangouts! We picked up our Glass in NYC on a Saturday afternoon and stayed at a fabulous hotel across from Union Square. With Google Glass, I was able to easily share my experience with my boyfriend back home using Google Hangouts. He was able to see everything I was seeing without me having to risk my life by using my phone while crossing the busy New York streets.

Jodie: Being able to take videos and pictures easily! I’ve been waiting for the day that I could get contact lenses that would let me do that, and I think this is the bridge that will get me there.

Katie: The ease of taking pictures then sharing them nearly instantly is pretty phenomenal. However, if any of my friends or family regularly participated in Google Hangouts, I think that would be my favorite feature!

Tess:  In addition to looking utterly sophisticated in Glass, the Google Hangout feature has been my favorite by far. After picking up my Glass, I was able to easily share the streets of New York with my hubby back home.

What do you see as Glass’s biggest flaw so far? 

NHI Glass Explorers take NYCNina: It’s still pretty buggy. The Twitter app can endlessly repeat your tweets. When you put it into standby mode, it beeps a lot. It needs a “stop” on the end so you can use a chain (which would keep it very handy). And the sound and Bluetooth audio can be very choppy – it needs an earphone option.

Angela: It can be difficult to hear while talking on the phone or doing a Google Hangout on Glass. This would need to be improved for me to use Glass for calls all the time.

Jodie: It’s still early on for Google Glass, so it’s missing out on apps and being able to go to actual websites. Also, I don’t have a mobile hotspot, so I can only connect to the network when I have Wi-Fi access.

Katie: I’m not sure if it’s a flaw per se, but the inability to click through on Google search results is infuriating. 

Tess: I’ve noticed the lack of volume control and no flash capability, but the biggest flaw I have encountered is the voice activation to record a video. I don’t know if it’s my Minnesota accent or that, as a woman, I have a higher pitched voice, but the “record a video” command will not work unless I drop my voice several octaves. Since I’m just not comfortable suddenly going into exorcist mode when wanting to record a video in public, I’ve had to resort to using the button only.

What do you want to see from Glass in the future?

Nina: Better search results – I can’t find movie listings! Continued enhancement of voice recognition. And of course, more apps!

Angela: More social capabilities. Right now you can only push pictures and videos to your social networks. I’d like to see my news feed and be able to share statuses/tweets with my friends. And, they need an Instagram app too !

Jodie: I would like to be able to wear normal glasses that were actually Google Glass. While we were very popular walking around NYC wearing our Google Glass, I don’t think I would enjoy that sort of attention all the time!

Katie: More apps so we can do more! And better sunglass lenses. The current ones are truly unfortunate.

Tess: I’m hoping to see more search compatibility in the future, such as more advanced results like finding movie times near me and viewing full web pages, or at least, more information than the small SERP it gives you. I’d like to see more ways to share pictures and videos; currently you can only send photo and videos through G+ or post on Facebook and Twitter. I’d like to be able to email and text photos as well. And let’s not forget some cute accessories; those standard sunglass shades just aren’t doing it for me.

Final thoughts on Glass?

Nina: I’ve heard rumors it’s going to have a low price point; that could make it a game changer. Otherwise it might stay a geeky toy. Also, it will be interesting how to balance revenue opportunities for companies. No PPC results right now, the future will likely be location-based offers.

Angela: I think Google will have to be very careful about how they market Glass. It’s not meant to be a replacement for your phone, but rather, an extension. I think many people expect it to do all the things your phone can do, but it just isn’t there yet.

Jodie: I’m a big sci-fi fan so I’ve been waiting for something like this for a long time. While Glass is still in its early stage, I think there is a ton of potential with this technology.

Katie: While not 100% practical or compatible with most young professionals’ current lifestyles, Glass is a fun smartphone accessory and I can see this as the first step to the future of the smartphone.

Tess: Of course the product has glitches right now; it is the first of its kind. But I’m excited to see how the product develops and have the opportunity to experience it and contribute to its growth.




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