Google Glass Capabilities

You may have seen them walking the streets: terminators, cyborgs, glassholes. But what exactly IS this crazy new technology called Google Glass

Turn Glass on with a tap of the finger or a nod of your head and you will arrive at the “ok glass” screen that features the current time. From here you can perform various functions by swiping the touchpad or activating Glass features with the vocal prompt “ok glass.” Swipe your finger back and you’ll scroll through the current weather, places near by, and your settings. Swipe your finger forward and you’ll scroll through past activities that may include messages, photos, videos, news, and much more.

But enough with the basics, let’s get into the good stuff. What can Glass really do and why is it worth your time and money? Below is a highlight of some of the Glass capabilities.

Google Glass Capabilities

• Google search.
• Translate a phrase.
• Take a photo.
• Record a video.
• Make a phone call.
• Send an email.
• Send text message (Android only feature).
• Receive select news.
• Prompt Glass to read messages.
• Add up to 10 contacts (name, email, and phone number).
• Get directions, turn-by-turn navigation (Android only feature).
• Screen share – Cast your Glass view onto your phone (Android only feature).
• Share photos and videos through G+ groups, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Path (currently you cannot email or text photos to contacts).
• Perform a Hangout – During hangout view your hangout pal will display in the Glass screen and their screen will be presented with everything in the view of your Glass.

A few new features from Google’s recent update had me squealing with excitement at my desk at work.

• Web browsing – Now you can click through search results to web pages.
• Site link click through – Once on a webpage, you can now navigate to different pages by clicking links, social widgets, and play videos (in some cases).
• Site zoom and navigation – Once on a site you are able to look around the website and use a zoom in/out feature.
• Send messages to any Gmail contact – Previously you were only allowed to use the call, text, and email feature with your 10 contacts. You are now able to engage with anyone present in your Gmail contacts.

Remember, Glass is in its infancy, and the Glass Explorers program is designed to gain insight from those interacting with Glass to contribute to its development. Google rolls out updates frequently, so stay tuned for new features and functionalities.

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