Google Analytics Multi-Channel Funnels

Conversion attribution has always been a thorn search marketers’ sides, especially if they were using Google Analytics. Now Google has given us a tool to help us better attribute conversions and be able to better see which channels really have an effect on performance. The Multi-Channel Funnels tools has been a limited access beta for a few months now, and we at Nina Hale have had the pleasure of testing it out with several clients. Today, however, this tool is available to all. Multi-Channel Funnels helps take the guess work out of ROI-focused marketing efforts. It allows us to dig deep, and really understand the full impact, both direct and indirect, of our various marketing efforts. If you have played around with the search funnel reports in Google Analytics, this will be very familiar for you, as Multi-Channel Funnels is an extension of the search funnel reports, which now incorporate all online channels. You can see assisted conversions as well as detailed multi-channel path data. For example, wouldn’t it be nice to know if your paid search campaigns are having an indirect impact on direct and organic traffic and leads? Well, with Multi-Channel Funnels you can do just that:

Google Analytics Multi-Channel Funnels Shows Indirect Impact of Paid Search Ads
Google Analytics Multi-Channel Funnels Shows Indirect Impact of Paid Search Advertising
Or, what if you want to see the number of assisted conversions that each channel provided? Multi-Channel Funnels allows you to see that too:
Google Analytics Multi-Channel Funnels Shows Assisted Conversions
Google Analytics Multi-Channel Funnels Shows Assisted Converasions for All Online Channels
These are just a few of the high level reports that you can pull from Multi-Channel Funnels. However, you can dig as deep as you want. For example, you can look for how your non-branded organic terms assist your branded organic terms. Or, you can look for how each paid search channel affects the others. All in all, this new tool in Google Analytics, allows you to view a more accurate ROI picture for all your marketing efforts, to better allocate funds to the best performers/performance drivers, and to find opportunities to further exploit.




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