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With the growing number of apps in the app stores, brands are looking for innovative solutions to reach their audiences. Facebook and Twitter have both launched ads to get users to install apps, and Google AdWords just announced that it will be launching improved app ad solutions on Google Search, the Google Display Network, and YouTube. These solutions are incredibly important for brands, as Google will now help encourage users to download a brand’s app and to re-engage with its content.

Lifecycle of apps
Source: AdAge

1)      Discovery and Install

Google will use data from the AdMob network to match users to apps who are most likely a brand’s customer based on the apps they use, the frequency of use, and the types of in-app purchases they make. Advertisers will be able to promote app installation ads on paid mobile search and YouTube. On YouTube, the app installation ad will run on the TrueView in-stream format, allowing users to skip through the video. In this format advertisers are only charged when users decide to view the ad.

2)      Re-Engagement

80% of apps that are downloaded are only used once. AdWords’ deep-linking solution will allow advertisers to combat this low open rate. Deep linking will allow advertisers to link search ads to the most relevant page in the app. The example Google gives is of a traveler doing a mobile search for “hotels in San Francisco” on, although they have previously downloaded the Hotel Tonight app. Hotel Tonight could advertise for San Francisco hotels and the traveler could open the app to that specific landing page. For this reason, this capability improves the experience for users who have already downloaded an app.

adwords deeplinking
Source: AdWords Blog

3)      Conversions

Advertisers will be able to track app-related conversions such as downloads and in-app purchases. Advertisers can use AdWords conversion tracking in AdWords for iOS downloads, Android downloads and in-app purchases. You’ll also be able to use the mobile app analytics to see who is using your app, on what devices, and where. Lastly, advertisers will be able to see the queries that brought users to your app from the Google Play data.

Google’s new mobile app solutions will enable advertisers to drive measured results across the app lifecycle, and will provide insights to help improve future performance. These features will start rolling out to advertisers over the next few months – follow the AdWords blog to keep up to date on the changes.

Feel free to contact your Account Manager if you have any questions about how to utilize these new features for your mobile app.




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