Get to Know Theresa Swiggum, Digital Media Manager

Last week, our newest Digital Media Manager, Theresa Swiggum, sat down with us and answered a few questions about her experience in marketing and shared a few fun facts about herself. She joined NHI in June 2015, and we are excited to have her join the Nina Hale, Inc. team!

What drew you into digital marketing?

I sort of happened upon the industry! My background is in art studio, art history, and interior design. While working in customer service (because that is what you do with an art history major), I chatted with a customer and discovered she was a recruiter for people with creative backgrounds. I immediately set up a meeting with her, and six months later she found me a contract position at an agency. The power of networking!

What other experience do you have in marketing?

While I personally have only worked on digital marketing, my previous agencies worked in all media types, especially print, so I have absorbed a bit of traditional media knowledge. I have a lot of experience in B2B verticals—maybe even more than one would normally want—especially in finance, agriculture, pest control, energy, and healthcare. However, these initiatives taught me the importance of not only being an expert in my own industry, but everyone else’s as well.

Education is another vertical in which I have worked extensively. It is important to understand the decision-making process for this type of vertical is more spiral than linear, and to keep pushing both awareness and enrollments.

How did you get connected with Nina Hale, Inc.?

I was contacted by a former media director on LinkedIn. I had actually already started my application when they contacted me, so I knew it was a match from the start!

Where do you see Nina Hale, Inc. in five years?

To the moon and back! This truly is an innovative company. My first day here, my inbox was flooded with articles about the most recent industry trends and media tool updates. Employees here want to be the first on the bandwagon, and it is exciting to see people adopting new learnings so quickly. I foresee much growth of course, and probably some new offerings…programmatic TV maybe?

What is your go-to restaurant?

I live in Saint Paul off of West 7th. I love Supatra’s, a great neighborhood Thai place. It is great for quick takeout or a special occasion dinner.

Favorite movie, music, and current TV show binge?

Movies: How many people can say their all-time favorite movie? There are so many – anything Wes Anderson, Muppets, War epics, documentaries. Growing up it was Princess Bride.

Music: I like going to shows in Minneapolis and experiencing new music. My tastes always seem to change, but I have a special place in my heart for 90s alt rock like Cranberries and Smashing Pumpkins.

TV Shows: I do not have cable right now, so am purely Netflix. House of Cards and Orange is the New Black are favorites.  Grey’s Anatomy also keeps me up pretty late some nights, and I’m a sucker for adult animated shows like Bob’s Burgers and Archer.

Anything else you’d like to share? 

  • I am very into camping and backpacking, though could certainly stand to get in better shape. Exercising is an on-again, off-again hobby. I go to lots of beer festivals (counter-productive, I know), even when it is 20 below.
  • I am left-handed.
  • I painted houses for my Dad’s company for eight summers—still miss it.
  • I learned Excel only four years ago, but it has turned me into a total nerd and I love it.
  • My personality types are: Myers-Briggs: ISTP, DiSC: C, DESA: AS—these indicate the highly analytical side of me, though over the years I have developed a bit more of the dominant / thinking side as well.



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