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Top Search Engines – The Landscape Might Change Quickly

By — March 17th, 2010

Neilsen reports Bing added almost 2% to their share of searches in February over January. By the time the Yahoo! And Bing search merger is complete, the two engines should command more than 26.5% of all US search.  The real question is how will Yahoo! users respond to Bing natural search results? If they like Bing, the two groups might have the critical mass necessary to steal some Google users.  The merger informational site set up at SearchAlliance.com notes that “algorithmic search” results will be completely integrated by the end of 2010. And depending at where they are in the process prior to the holiday shopping season, Yahoo! Search Marketing might exist until the first quarter of 2011.

China is the really interesting area to watch right now. If the Chinese government does not renew Google’s license to operate search in their country, Bing stands to step in and go head-to-head with Baidu.  The decision will greatly affect the stock prices for Baidu, who closed above Google in trading yesterday at  $573.

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