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Optimizing Content with SEOquake

By — April 12th, 2012

In a perfect SEO world, we would have the ability to build new websites centered around our keyword research. However, for small companies with limited budgets and web development capabilities, this is simply not possible. Many times we have to optimize  a site’s current content to help it reach its highest potential. When optimizing content by writing new meta titles and meta descriptions for small companies, I have discovered that using keyword density tools such as SEOquake can be a helpful and easy way to identify the strongest keywords on each page. Aligning your keyword research with the keyword density on a current page makes keyword mapping and meta tag writing easier and more effective. For example, below is a keyword density report from SEOquake.  This audiologist’s Services page currently contains keyword-rich phrases such as “hearing aid,” “hearing aids,” “hearing loss” and “hearing protection.” These are strong, highly-searched phrases that align well with our keyword research. This will make writing effective tags for this page easier since the current content contains our keywords. Writing meta tags that align with the current content of the site will provide better results than writing meta tags that only use highly search keywords regardless of site content. Keyword Density   Obviously, this isn’t a quick way to getting out of reading and fully understanding a site’s content. You should always read the page to ensure you know what information the site is really trying to share with their visitors (even if that topic isn’t the densest keyword on the page). This tool is meant to assist you, and with its handy toolbar plugin, it makes it even simpler. You can download SEOquake plugin for keyword density reports of for many other uses on Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Safari here: http://www.seoquake.com/.

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