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New Hire Questionnaire: Jamie Murnane

By — June 20th, 2011

Jamie Murnane Nina Hale is psyched to welcome Jamie Murnane, Search Marketing Manager, to our Search Marketing Team!  A recent Twin Cities transplant from Chicago, Jamie is no slouch when it comes to search.  Learn more about Jamie, in her own words What led you to search marketing? I have a background in journalism, and discovered search when I was hired as a senior editor for an Internet company, who, as it turned out, was trying to game the Google system by writing websites on highly-searched terms. I wrote entire sites about things like Caribbean cruises to plastic surgery. It was unsuccessful, but I had a great boss who taught me the search ropes by having me do keyword research, on-site optimization and paid ads, when I wasn’t writing/editing content. What are your hobbies? Reading, traveling, city biking, cooking (mostly vegan) and discovering new restaurants, as well as working out, which helps balance out the whole cooking/restaurants thing. Favorite food? Mexican and Ethiopian. Or Thai… or…. What do you like about NHI? The people. I worked from home in my last position, so the friendly, fun people are a definite perk. Oh and dogs are allowed, so my pug, Stella may come visit.

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