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New Google Places Management Tool

By — May 25th, 2012

For those of you that have ever managed business listings on Google Places, especially a large amount of listings, I have good news for you. Google has completely revamped their bulk listing management system which now makes the tasks of creating, updating and deleting listings much easier. Aside from redesigning the interface, here are some of the improved actions that are now available:

  • Edit one or more of your listings’ data at once
  • Search through your listings, filtering by specific information or for listings with errors
  • Upload new listings using a data file or by adding them individually within the interface
  • Tell us how we can improve this new interface by clicking the “Give Feedback” link

It sounds like this new feedback loop is going to be taken a little more seriously than the previous ones, so that’s also really good news for those of you that want to share your frustrations with Google Places (I know you’re out there). Google has also uploaded a few videos on their Small Business Blog to help guide users through the new interface, which is already live for those who use data files. According to Google, “you’ll be routed to the new interface whenever you click to upload or edit a data file via the Places dashboard, or by visiting https://places.google.com/manage directly.” After playing around with the new tool I’m actually pretty impressed. It really does take some of the pain out of managing bulk listings. Now if we could just take care of those update delays and duplicate listings…

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