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New Google Image Search

By — July 23rd, 2010

Google is rolling out a new layout for image search, and it’s nicely improved. About 7%+ of all searches are for images, and while people are willing to go deeper (considering more results before making a choice), the top results are going to be chosen much more frequently. It’s much more user friendly: with long scrolling pages filled with images and tons of options to narrow your search. I like the mouse-over the best, where it expands the image, with the originating website, size, and format. 

And importantly it has sponsored links. So for home improvement, fashion and hair cuts, photography and portraits, how-to and other very popular types of searches, this can be a fantastic new avenue for advertisers. 

What’s a marketer to do to take advantage of this?

  • Advertise
  • Always name your image appropriately so it can be categorized accurately
  • Determine important searches that could relate to your products and services
  • Make multiple sizes
  • Make multiple colors
  • Line drawings? Clip art?
  • Include a watermark or product name
  • Photograph your product being used


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