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More On Penguin Update

By — May 15th, 2012

There’s been a lot written recently about the Google Penguin update, Google’s new spam-fighting algorithm. And according to Matt Cutts in his interview with Danny Sullivan, it’s working. Penguin is an algorithmic change – no human intervention is involved so if your site has been negatively impacted, a reconsideration request won’t work. Matt has provided two videos on how you can clean up your site, and if you feel you were wrongly penalized, use the Penguin Feedback Form to tell Google your site wasn’t at fault. When you read what Google considers spam, or even what constitutes a “quality” site and what doesn’t (high bounce rate, site speed, time spent on site, etc.) you can most certainly predict what will be included in their algorithmic changes. If you’ve overdone linking so it puts you into the spam bucket, watch the videos – NOW. If your site is over optimized, clean it up – NOW. If analytics shows the site’s bounce rate is too high or people spend little time on the site, evaluate what the issues are and fix them – NOW.  It is human nature to think if something works, more of it must be better. This is not, and has never been the case with optimization strategies. Building quality links slowly and naturally has always been the way. Writing quality content that keeps visitors on your site (and entices others to link to it) has always been recommended. Keyword spamming was frowned upon 10 plus years ago.  Google keeps telling us – we need to listen.

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