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Google News: Keyword Metatag Update – A New Way to Tag News Articles

By — September 20th, 2012

This (may be) fantastic News for Newsmakers as it’s been quite some time since newspaper headlines were catchy or expressive.  Since most news is old by 5 o’clock, headlines have evolved into keyword dense search queries to capture the search while the story is hot.   

Google announced a new way to tag news articles which may give publishers a key to the creativity lock that search put on the news headline. The new Google news_keywords metatag will allow publishers to specify a collection of terms that apply to the news article but that don’t necessarily need to appear in the headline or body text.  (Note, this only works for news publishers that are sources in Google News!) 

Great news perhaps, but tagging your article with keywords is still only one of many elements in the news algorithm that determines results in Google News, so it’s not the only key to the first place search result.

Will editors and writers take note and become creative again?  With news updates nearly every second of the day in the palm of nearly half the population, it will be interesting to see how long it will be, if ever, for us to begin seeing catchy headlines again.    



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