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Facebook Ads – Broad Category Targeting

By — June 9th, 2011

Facebook has been rolling out new targeting options for its ads. In the past Facebook Ads were “push” model. You had to specify a keyword interest if you wanted to go beyond simple demographics. If the database (which wasn’t always complete) had people who had identified themselves as having those interests, it would show up as an option that you could choose. So in order to target Moms, we would have to list every possible thing we thought moms might be interested in. Now in this new model, you can precisely target Moms, even down to the age of their children. Targeting Moms on Facebook   There are a lot of options so far, including mobile interests (or is it platforms? I don’t know, but I’ll find out soon). As in the past you can overlay these with demographics. So only single women of a certain age, in the US (you could choose a specific location), who are parents of teenagers. What’s still missing? People CONNECTED to people who fit these demographics. This is important for advertisers, because come holiday, I may want to show ads for fishing lurea to people who are married to avid fishermen, for example. You still can’t overlay elements within categories. This makes it hard to find people with specific interests – see my example below But you can hone by adding targets, and these do overlay on each other

  • Location (Minnesota)
  • Demogtraphics (women)
  • Age Range (or specific)
  • Connections (if you’re an admin of a page, you can show ads to fans, or to everyone BUT fans, or to friends of fans, etc)
  • Interests (specific keywords – old skool) or new categories
  • Advanced demographics (single)
  • Education (high school grad)

What do I see in our immediate future? FATHER’S DAY! (target ads to married women with kids)

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