AdWords Enhanced Campaigns, Now Regular Campaigns

Google Enhanced CampaignsZero hour has come and gone, and now all AdWords campaigns have transitioned to “Enhanced Campaigns”.  I, for one, am hoping that now that all campaigns follow this setup we can stop calling them “Enhanced Campaigns” and instead, simply refer to them as “Campaigns”. In all seriousness though, now that the switch has happened, here is a recap of the main things to be aware of:

  • Tablet traffic – there is no longer a way to split out or not bid on tablet traffic, since Google is lumping it together with desktops. This makes it that much more important to make sure that you have a tablet optimized site. Google’s stance is that tablet users behave in much the same way as desktop users. Whether this is actually the case or not can be debated, but regardless the fact is that you are now forced to pay for traffic from these devices, so make sure that your sites are optimized to convert these visitors as much as possible.
  • Device specific campaigns and budgets – there is no longer a way to split out your campaigns by device, and no way to allocate a specific dollar amount to each device.  We still have the ability to adjust our mobile specific bids (excluding tablets).
  • Geo-segmentation – It is now easier to optimize your campaigns based on performance by geo by using geo specific bid multipliers. This can help you gain some efficiency when managing complex accounts with a geo-specific strategy.


old device campaign settings

This settings option is no longer available

  • Costs – as many early testers have reported with the switch to “Enhanced Campaigns,” CPCs will likely increase due to increased competition (by default, campaign will be opted into mobile, and all campaigns are forced to bid on tablet).  

As an agency, we have been transitioning our clients’ accounts to “Enhanced Campaigns” over the past month, and have had mixed results.  In some instances we have seen costs go up and conversions decrease, while others’ costs have stayed relatively flat and conversions increased due to increased reach. Now that the switch is system wide, and all our clients’ competitive sets have transitioned as well, we will be monitoring things very closely and reporting on the impact in the coming weeks.

If you have let your campaigns go through the automated transition, here are a couple of things to look at and adjust:

  • Historical mobile CPCs – take a look at what your CPCs on mobile have been and adjust your mobile bid multiplier accordingly, at least to start with.  With mobile competition increasing you will likely have to adjust.

historical mobile CPCs

In this example mobile CPCs have historically been 69% of desktop

  • Analyze your campaign structure – see if you can benefit from simplifying things by both combining certain campaigns and adgroups and by using the location and device bid multipliers.
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