2015 Digital Marketing Trends

Happy New Year!

With 2015 already underway, it’s time to get serious about planning for the year. What are the biggest trends you should keep an eye on? What new tactics should you add to your marketing mix? To help you focus on what’s really important, the search experts at Nina Hale, Inc. have pulled together some of the most noteworthy things you’ll need to factor in this year.


Your 2015 Digital To do list

1. Implement Attribution Modeling.

You made a significant investment in your marketing this year, and 2015 will be the year to focus on understanding how to quantify and benchmark your efforts. In short, this means engaging in attribution modeling to not only understand how, why, when, and from which channel you saw the most success, but also how everything worked together to achieve the best results. Once you establish answers to these questions, you can use these insights to build effective marketing plans and accurately allocate your spend.

2. Improve Your Mobile Presence.

We’ve been talking about mobile forever, but if you haven’t already taken action, 2015 is the year you’ll need to put your plans in motion. Mobile search is continually accounting for a larger percentage of traffic, and given the role mobile plays in the consumer journey, it is critical to engage in cross-device optimization. Additionally, if you’re struggling with how to effectively personalize your message and connect with your consumers, start with mobile. Utilize the incredibly granular targeting capabilities now available, and you’ll be able to reach even the smallest segments of your target audience. 

3. Create a Content Strategy that Spans Channels.

Instead of creating a siloed, single-channel approach, 2015 will require you create an omni-channel marketing strategy to span the breadth of your digital efforts. This will ensure you have a cohesive marketing approach, push out the right content on the right platform, and reach each segment of your target audience. 

4. Be Transparent (Not Creepy).

2014 saw no shortage of privacy concerns, fraud issues, and hacking scandals. As a result, this makes marketing transparency and continual assurance that your consumer’s data is secure a top priority in 2015. To this point, it will be increasingly important to be clear how and why you are using this data for personalization and targeting, and confirm your consumers are comfortable with it. 




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