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“In addition to the daily optimization of our search campaigns, the team at Nina Hale, Inc continues to bring fresh, new ideas to Room & Board to help drive online traffic and sales.” — Jill Linville, Director of Communications, Room & Board

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Whether you are redesigning a website and want an SEO company to help you get top rankings on search engines, or you want to get better search engine results for an existing site, we can help. View a full list of our marketing services.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the base of all SEO work. Knowing how your customer searches for what you sell is a crucial element in getting good search engine rankings, but also in communicating in your customer’s language. We believe that keywords are about attraction and engagement: the ultimate voice of the customer. Also keyword research before IA can influence the design of a website to be user-friendly and high-converting. We help companies determine which keywords to use based on user behavior and conversions, common results, and whether we believe you could rank on search engines for those terms.

Technical SEO

Whether search engines can easily and effectively crawl your website is a vital element to achieve good search results. Content and links alone won’t work if the search engines hate your site. We have years of technical expertise in SEO, and work directly with your IT staff and programmers to develop search friendly sites. We also create technical SEO requirements for new website designs.

Content Optimization for SEO

We work with clients to develop content strategies and will write titles and descriptions for new and existing websites, map keywords to pages, and work with copywriters to ensure the keywords are effectively incorporated into a site without damaging the brand or site conversion rate. We also perform copy editing for SEO and write new content for SEO.

Link Building

A perfectly optimized website won’t get top rank results if it doesn’t have incoming links from legitimate, relevant websites. Nina Hale Consulting creates and implements link-building strategies. Incorporating social media and PR tactics, we develop effective, impactful link building campaigns to both increase your brand presence and search engine results.