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“Our PPC paid-search performance improved significantly under Nina’s management. Her knowledgeable guidance also helped us make inexpensive changes to our dynamic Web site which increased our natural search position and decreased our need to spend more on AdWords.” — Linda Peterson, Webmaster, Hazelden Foundation

Local Search Marketing & Google+ Local

Local search is growing and fueled by local search intent. With the explosion of mobile and local content, localization services are of high value for businesses driving customers to store fronts.

Above the Fold Localization

Notice anything interesting about the above search result page for [Minneapolis Restaurant]? 100% of the above the fold are local listings. If you drive customers to business locations, you simply cannot ignore localization. 

  • 50% of mobile queries have local intent (Source: Microsoft)
  • 30% of all queries have local intent (Source: Google, Yahoo)

If your business values localization, consider contacting Nina Hale in effort to increase local visibility.

Google + Local & Business Maps

Google+ Local (formerly called Google Places) is a managed listing that connects searchers to business listings through a variety of Google products like Maps and Search. Google has converted all Google Places listings into Google+ Pages automatically. Social, local, and mobile are all increasingly important signals to Google for relevancy. The Google+ Local page is the intersection of all three. 

By closely following developments in local search for years, we know effective ways to optimize local business listings to get to the top of the maps. We’ve added over 10,000 multi-unit and franchise locations to Google+ Local for companies large and small–with phenomenal results. Optimizing and verifying a Google+ Local listings is one of the most efficient and highest-ROI forms of search marketing for any business with a local presence.

Local SEO

Localized search engine optimization is a technical SEO challenge. We have faced these technical SEO challenges first hand. Companies with multiple locations can benefit from a specific project to optimize their website and business listings for local visibility. We will carefully measure the important business listing factors, develop a data driven plan, and execute the optimization with longevity in mind.

Geo-Targeted PPC

Sometimes you have different offers for certain regions, areas you want to target or avoid, or timed promotions in certain regions. PPC (SEM) is perfect for these purposes because it has very precise geo-targeting capabilities, specific timing, and the ability to specify your ad copy. But it can be complex. Often we will utilize a number of concurrent geo-targeted campaigns to ensure full coverage and precise location targeting for paid-click advertising. Choosing properly and measuring local search advertising can be an incredibly effective and profitable form of search engine marketing.