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“We have found the team at Nina Hale Inc to be insightful, talented and fun to work with. They are great partners who guide us to make strategic PPC and SEO decisions that positively impact our bottom line.” — Dianna Bauer, Senior Media Coordinator, Room & Board

For Agencies

Search is tactical advertising that fits into a larger strategic plan. Don’t get us wrong: we know it’s important, and often the most profitable and reliable method of advertising, but we also know it works a lot better with a great website and an integrated advertising plan.

Not every agency or small firm can give clients the diversified search expertise they deserve. Comphensive search engine marketing has a number of very different elements each demanding constant attention. We have those people: people who know SEO writing, technical SEO, PPC advertising, and really good keyword research. People with client management experience. PPC and SEO subcontractors with impeccable expertise, ethics, and results.

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We offer our PPC services directly to agencies on behalf of their clients. We’ll help you incorporate search into your overall plan and we’ll launch and manage the PPC program for you. We’ll ensure a “cradle-to-grave” implementation and oversight for you that goes way beyond what a software PPC outsource can give. We’ll become part of your client-facing team, or subcontract the SEO or PPC directly for you–whatever you think is best for your client.


A gorgeous website can also be search engine friendly, and your clients are probably expecting it to be search engine optimized. That’s where we come in. We’ll work with your creative group to provide thorough keyword research before IA, making it more than just a site that lays SEO over it–it creates a site that organizes the layout in keeping with people’s needs. Shifting to technical, we’ll provide a specific document with technical SEO requirements for the site you’re building, and work with the developers through the process. We’ll write meta code and optimize the content. And at launch we can ensure you don’t lose any previous SEO rankings the old urls had.