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“As a consultant and a person, Nina operates with unvarnished integrity. She’s an honest communicator, knows her material, and puts the needs of her clients above all. Whether you’re a big firm or a small organization, I would give her an unqualified recommendation.” — Sam Richter, Former President James J. Hill Reference Library

Content Marketing

Content must be more relevant than ever before, and you can no longer rely solely on your website to meet your customers’ information needs. In addition to onsite optimization, we can help you develop a set of valuable content assets that can be made available to prospects across multiple searchable channels. Our strategic approach includes planning, creating content,publishing and measurement.


Content marketing can be deployed via email campaigns, organic and paid search programs, news, blogs and public relations, and through social channels. Our goal is to recognize and help you develop content that is found first wherever people look for it, regardless of device or channel.

There are several components that are integral to every content marketing campaign.

  • Keyword research the foundation of any successful online marketing effort.  Keyword Research inform the choices you make to optimize your content, ensuring that you are “speaking” to your target audience in the language they use to search and share.
  • A content audit provides a full review of the copy on your site showing content gaps and areas of opportunity by looking at the type of content and how it’s used, performance in relation to customer conversion and determines any patterns that may help create a content system. 
  • Content mapping for enterprise clients with multiple domains we recommend where to map the content to avoid duplicate content and determine the strongest outcomes for natural search results.
  • A content calendar tied to your particular industry, product or service allows you to look ahead and plan for well-optimized articles, website content, and social posts on appropriate platforms to drive traffic, boost brand awareness, and create additional results on the various search engines.
  • A writing guide and SEO training for your team enables you to keep the momentum going, applying SEO best practices to any content, including images and video that promotes your products and services.

An effective content marketing strategy can produce tremendous results including improved search positions, increased traffic, better engagement, more social shares and recognition as an industry leader.