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“Your team is amazing in terms of expertise, speed, and ability to deliver!” — Marikay Klein, Executive Editor,

Analytics, Measurement & Reporting

Marketing Requires Measurement

Nina Hale, Inc.’s measurement and analytics practice group recognizes measurement as the foundational element of all marketing activities. Strategy and execution is united through the collection of data, generating insights that allow for ongoing media optimization and enterprise decision-making. Measurement and data-driven insights are vital elements in search engine marketing. We take it very seriously, sponsoring training events, receiving individual Google Analytics certifications, and baselining everything we do. View a full list of our marketing services.

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Tactical Approach

  • Measurement strategy development
  • Web analytics audits and implementation
  • Analytics and measurement training 
  • Reporting and dashboard development
  • Attribution modeling and data analysis

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a good metrics package. It doesn’t do everything, but it’s great for marketers. It’s also surprising how much it really can do when you use segments, filters, expressions and other advanced options in Google Analytics. Google Analytics is an important tool for tracking results as well as learning vital information for how to improve results. We currently have nineteen employees who are individually certified in Google Analytics. We also have experts on staff in Omniture, Webtrends, and Unica NetInsights.

Analytics Use – Other Packages

While many of our clients use Google Analytics, we also work extensively in Omniture and Webtrends, with a few clients who use other metics packages. In addition, we have familiarity with a number of PPC optimization software We currently use Acquisio as our primary package, though some clients come with their own software they’d like us to use, such as Webtrends Ads or Marin. We have a very strong philosophy of “human optimization.” We’ve seen too many agencies rely on automated PPC bidding tools for all their client optimization. Though important to use, we feel that over-reliance on this tactic alone dramatically reduces opportunity that can be found in regular keyword, ad copy, and network optimization.

Analytics Audits

Performing an analytics audit is a review of your site’s performance that looks at ways to improve tracking, developing a taxonomy, and setting up dashboard reporting with strategic recommendations. For e-comm sites an audit will look at complete funnel analysis including transaction and cart purchase process, merchandising, landing pages, calls to action and cross channel marketing. All analytics audits include attribution modeling, reviewing branded vs. non-branded keywords, exit pages, and top performers for keyword conversions. The audits will address the client’s business objectives and marketing goals.

Frequently an analytics training will follow the audit so the company’s team understands how to interpret the data and reporting. Our analytics team has over ten years of combined experience within Google and Omniture.

Google Analytics Training

We admit it, we’re crazy about Google Analytics. It doesn’t do everything, but it does a lot, and you just can’t beat the price (free). Nina Hale Inc is available for direct training or consulting for Google Analytics. Sometimes you want to make sure you set it up properly, with filters and goals accurately determined. Or you just want to understand it a bit better so that you can make measurable, impactful decisions by knowing what works on your website, and where the opportunities lie. A group training session on Google Analytics for Minneapolis companies usually takes 3-5 hours.